We are designers and design digitally, analogously and spatially. It is important to us to give ideas, services, products or rooms a stage in order to adequately showcase the value of the service. Offering everything from a single source, from the first idea sketch of a product or room, through the detailed design, the digital implementation to the presentation and marketing, promotes extraordinary overall concepts through the interlocking of the individual compositions.


We stand for design that goes beyond the conventional. For us, design begins long before marketing. At the product. The design of a product must be consciously designed and already describe its functions through its appearance and make unnecessary, distracting things disappear. The principles of product design are reflected in branding and web design and extend to the creation of marketing and content concepts. We develop brands, logos, corporate designs, web design, 3D visualization, deal with the external communication of a brand and everything that is needed for an optimal appearance.

Aberjung Digital

Digital, forward-looking, solution-oriented, transformative - we offer modern, tailor-made programming services for individual companies, large corporations and all visionaries in between. With the programming of websites, online shops or apps, we digitize business processes and build the bridge between design and digital implementation.

Aberjung Space

Architecture – as in product and brand design, design, form and materials also play an important role here. We see architecture holistically and design rooms from the shell to the core. We deal with interior and exterior structures, materials and shapes and create holistic room concepts. We create breathtaking architecture from the first sketch of an idea, through the preliminary planning, detailed planning and submission to the 3D visualization.

Together we change.


CEO Aberjung

Lukas Jungmann

CEO Aberjung

Christoph Aschaber

CFO Aberjung

Philipp Mayerhofer
Team - Text

Project Management & Coordination

Rebecca Aspalter

Communication Design

Aga Pasynczuk

Communication Design

Jonathan Mandler

Communication Design

Lara Rupp

Apprentice Communication Design

Fabien Egger

Communication Design

Valentina Auer

Marketing & Social Media

Victoria Reiter

Marketing & Social Media

Nadine Gruber


Sarah Eder

Content Creator & Photography

Nicolas Platter

Visualization & 3D Animation

Max Kulich

Assistant to the Aberjung CEO's and Office Management

Elisabeth Schweiger
Aberjung Digital

CEO Aberjung Digital

Martin Islitzer

CEO Aberjung Digital

Hannes Wilhelmer

Assistant to the Aberjung Digital CEO's

Thomas Aichner

Web Developer

Tobias Greil

Aberjung Space

CEO and Architecture Aberjung Space 

Hortense Kotzinger

Assistant to the Aberjung Space CEO

Marlen Heregger

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